Crush The Gangs

Lynchburg Has a Gang Problem. In fact, local law enforcement estimates that Lynchburg is home to close to 40 gangs. This type of organized crime results in increased drug, gun and theft offenses in our City. Together, we will take this fight to the street and crush the gangs. 

Daily Vigilance. We will assign a full-time gang prosecutor to assist members of law enforcement and myself in going after gang members. We will follow who the gang members are, whether they have been recently charged with a predicate gang offense and determine whether they should be further charged for gang offenses on a daily basis.  

Federal Penalties. We will cross designate our gang prosecutors in federal court so that we can seek longer sentences for gang, gun and drug related offenses in U.S. District Court.

Crush The Gangs. Our message is clear and unwavering. We will not barter with gang members. Once a gang-related indictment has been brought, it will not be plead down under any circumstances. We will shut down criminal street gangs in Lynchburg. We will take back our City.