Harrison: Endorsed by Democrats. Funded by Democrats - She Said So Herself


I have always promised that I will fight for Lynchburg and our shared conservative vision for our city. I’m in this race not only to clean up Lynchburg, but to promote our conservative Republican ideals for local government. Advancing conservatism is something I’m extremely passionate about and have spent my entire adult life doing. This week my opponent finally admitted what we, conservatives, have known all along. She is supported by members of the Democratic Party. She said so herself. 

Earlier this week, Bethany Harrison proudly proclaimed that she is endorsed by Democrats. That’s right. In a radio interview, she stated that “a Democrat has endorsed me” and “that Democrat has been my boss for the last ten years". Not only that, FEC reports have recently shown that over 30 percent of her campaign contributions have been from liberal Democrats. How can Republicans trust Bethany Harrison to defend our conservative ideology, when she is openly praising endorsements and accepting money from Liberal Democrats? It now makes sense why she avoided the Republican Debate and has yet to join the local Republican party.  It is now clear that Bethany Harrison is endorsed by Democrats and funded by Democrats. 

Please stand with me in these final weeks as we fight for Lynchburg and our shared Conservative values. 

In Liberty,
Tim Griffin

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Tim Showed Up

We had a great debate on Monday. Thank you to everyone who came out, despite the weather, to show support! I wanted to make sure you saw this article outlining our successful debate. Our message of cracking down on gangs and cleaning up Lynchburg is resonating all across the city. I stand by what I said at the debate, I will clean up Lynchburg and I will crush the gangs. As the article quotes:

“I’m going to come to Lynchburg and crush the gangs, and I’m not going to apologize for it,” Griffin said. “We will do this with no half measures and go after them like no prosecutor has gone after them before.”

I enjoyed having a discussion with like minded Republican voters and everyday citizens. There was no place I would have rather been on Monday than discussing important issues with you. Unfortunately, our democratic funded opponent thought it was more important to attend a fundraiser than to speak directly to the citizens of Lynchburg and fellow Republicans. I understand that Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney is a job that requires me to show up everyday. I promise that as Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney, I will show up everyday and fight for you!
Thank you for the continual support!
Tim Griffin

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Governor George Allen Endorses Tim Griffin for Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney

LYNCHBURG, VA – Today former Governor George Allen joined an impressive list of local, State and Congressional leaders throughout Virginia who support Tim Griffin for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Lynchburg.

Allen has served in the House of Delegates (Albemarle and Nelson Counties), U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and as Virginia’s 67th Governor.

During his tenure as Governor, Allen kept his promise to abolish the lenient, dishonest parole system when he signed into law the Truth in Sentencing Act that ensured convicted felons would serve at least 85% of their sentence imposed by a judge or jury. Virginia now has one of the best, lowest violent crime and repeat offender rates in the U.S. Criminal justice reform is one of the monumental accomplishments of the Allen administration along with Welfare Reform, accountability for high academic standards, and lower taxes, regulatory reforms and business recruitment which resulted in over 300,000 net new private sector jobs created during his 4 year term.

On Monday, Governor Allen expressed his support for Griffin:

“Tim Griffin is the candidate with the vision, leadership and proven results to cut crime and focus on ending gang activity in Lynchburg. As Governor of Virginia, I worked hard to make sure our schools had high academic standards for our childrens' opportunities in life, our economy was made more competitive and businesses were flourishing creating new jobs;  and for the safety of Virginians we started holding violent criminals accountable for the felonies. As a Lynchburg native, Tim understands the nature of crime in Lynchburg. I'm confident that Tim Griffin will work with law enforcement professionals to arrest, prosecute and convict violent criminals resulting in safer neighborhoods and places for law-abiding people who live, work or shop in Lynchburg. Tim's thoughtful conservative ideas to apply the law focused on violent criminals and dangerous gang activities are what Lynchburg needs. For these reasons, I respectfully ask my many friends in Lynchburg join me in support of Tim Griffin in the upcoming Republican nomination for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney." 

Griffin has also received the endorsements of U.S. Congressman Tom Garrett, former Congressman Virgil Goode, National Sheriff of the Year Mike Brown, Virginia State Senator Bill Stanley, Virginia Delegate Ben Cline, former Lynchburg City Councilman H. Cary and many other local Republicans.

The Republican primary takes place on June 13. 


Lynchburg GOP Refutes Harrison’s False Claims

LYNCHBURG, VA – Last week, Republican front runner for Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Tim Griffin officially announced he is attending the Lynchburg Republican City Committee’s (LRCC) Debate. His opponent Beth Harrison, in contrast, continues to dodge the debate.
After facing public scrutiny over her refusal to debate, Harrison doubled down by sending out a statement yesterday afternoon specifically charging the LRCC Chairman of ‘organizing this debate without consultation from her campaign about her availability.' 
In response, the LRCC issued a release late Thursday evening with screenshots of their repeated attempts to contact Harrison’s campaign with multiple opportunities to find common ground. These now-public messages show a clear contrast from what Mrs. Harrison was claiming and the actual truth. 
Even more confusing was that her release stated she ‘welcomed any opportunity to discuss her values and vision,’ while simultaneously refusing to attend a scheduled Republican Debate.  

In response, Tim Griffin issued the following statement:

“I was extremely surprised to see my opponent stoop so low as to knowingly mislead voters about not only myself, but the Lynchburg Republican City Committee – who proved her claims to be 100% false. My opponent was offered numerous dates, as was I, and as such I do not understand why she is attempting to say otherwise. If she truly welcomed ‘any opportunity’ to discuss the issues as she said, I anticipate her participation next week. Regardless, I look forward to meeting with voters on Monday evening to discuss the issues with the voters of Lynchburg."

Local media outlets are also rumoring that more information discrediting Harrison’s false claims will be released within days.

Please join Tim Griffin for the debate on May 1st at 7:00 PM at New Covenant School on Fleetwood Drive in Lynchburg.


Republican Senator Bill Stanley Endorses Tim Griffin in Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney’s Race

Lynchburg, VA – Today, Republican Senator Bill Stanley endorsed Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Tim Griffin, for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Senator Stanley has served honorably in the Virginia Senate since 2012. Bill grew up as the son of a naval aviator and currently serves his community in Bedford and Salem as an attorney. Over the years, Senator Stanley has led the charge in Richmond to provide better grant opportunities for Southside Virginia, school choice for low income families and dual enrollment for high school students to attend community colleges, among several other initiatives. He continues to serve the Southside region in the General Assembly and was asked to seek the Republican nomination for Virginia Attorney General in 2016. 

On Thursday, Senator Stanley released the following statement:

“I have seen Tim’s desire for justice and his dedication to put away violent criminals in the courtroom. His message of going after and sending a message to gangs in his hometown of Lynchburg is more appropriate than ever before. For this reason, Lynchburg needs Tim Griffin as its next Commonwealth’s Attorney and as a Republican Senator, I endorse him.”

Griffin is seeking the Republican nomination for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.  He has also been endorsed by Congressman Tom Garrett, former Congressman Virgil Goode, Virginia Delegate Ben Cline, Bedford Sheriff Mike Brown and former Lynchburg City Councilman H. Cary. 


Griffin Campaign Confirms Debate Attendance

Lynchburg, VA – Today, Tim Griffin, candidate for the Republican nomination for Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney, confirmed that he would attend the only scheduled Lynchburg City Republican Committee debate. This comes after his opponent, Bethany Harrison, declined to participate in this event.

After receiving word of Harrison's intent to avoid her one opportunity for an open debate, Griffin released the following statement:

“I am disappointed that my opponent is skipping the only Republican debate for the Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney race. Nothing in this campaign is more important to me than talking with voters about issues that impact our community. As such, I will be at the debate answering questions and displaying my conservative vision for our city, regardless of whether or not she attends.”

The Republican debate is scheduled for May 1 at 7:00 PM at New Covenant School on Fleetwood Drive in Lynchburg.

Griffin is a member and Vice-Chair of the Lynchburg Republican City Committee as well as the Republican Chairman of the 23rd Delegate District. He has also been endorsed by Congressmen Tom Garrett, former Congressmen Virgil Goode, Virginia Delegate Ben Cline, Bedford Sheriff Mike Brown and former Lynchburg City Councilman H. Cary.


Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown, 2016 National Sheriff of the Year, Endorses Griffin in Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney’s Race

Lynchburg, VA – Today, Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown endorsed Bedford County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Tim Griffin, for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Sheriff Brown has served as Bedford County’s elected Sheriff for over twenty years. He previously served in the U.S. Army, as a senior special agent with the U.S. Treasury Department and Staff Support Specialist with the CIA. Sheriff Brown also played the leading role in bringing “Operation Blue Ridge Thunder”, now better known as Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), located in Forest, to central Virginia. At the time, Bedford was one of the original ten programs formed to use online technology to go after those who would sexually exploit young children. There are now over 60 ICAC programs across the country. Most recently, Sheriff Brown was named “Sheriff of the Year” and received the 2017 Ferris E. Lucas Sheriff of the Year award from the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA).        

On Wednesday, Sheriff Brown underlined his trust in Griffin by saying:

“I know Tim has worked tirelessly with my deputies and investigators to bring justice to victims in Bedford County. He has fought on behalf of victims of property, sex and violent crimes. I know that Tim will continue to bring his work ethic and dedication to our neighboring jurisdiction in Lynchburg. I fully support Tim Griffin for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.”

Griffin is seeking the Republican nomination for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.


Griffin Criticizes Stagnant Crime Rates in Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, VA – Today, Republican candidate for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney, Tim Griffin, released numbers outlining growing issues of concern with regard to crime rates throughout the city of Lynchburg.

A particular critique has centered around the City’s static crime numbers that range from forcible rape to aggravated assault. However, other crimes such as extortion saw dramatic spikes in 2015, the most recent data available shows. Even more alarming, this same data by the Virginia State Police shows abductions in the city nearly tripling from 2014 to 2015.

To expand on his concerns with regard to recent data, Griffin stated:
“Over the last decade, Lynchburg has fallen short on producing substantial, tangible improvement in crime rates and we must do better. I applaud the Lynchburg Police Department for its leadership in proactively tackling these issues.  However, there is more that our elected prosecutor can do to lower crime rates, both before and after individual crimes have occurred.”
Details on Lynchburg’s crime rates, including newly compiled data and the first of multiple phases of Griffin’s plan to tackle Lynchburg’s crime rates, may be seen by visiting www.griffinforlynchburg.com/lynchburg-crime-stats.


Delegate Ben Cline Endorses Tim Griffin for Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney

Lynchburg, VA - Today, Delegate Ben Cline of the Virginia General Assembly publicly endorsed Tim Griffin for Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney. 

Delegate Cline has represented the 24th Legislative District in the Virginia House of Delegates, which includes counties surrounding Lynchburg including portions of Amherst. He has been in the General Assembly for 8 consecutive terms.

In addition to his duties serving voters and running his own law practice, Delegate Cline also serves as a part-time assistant prosecutor in Appomattox County.

On Wednesday, Cline expressed his support for Griffin by saying:

"I am proud to endorse Tim Griffin for the position of Commonwealth’s Attorney in the City of Lynchburg. I have seen up close the dedication and leadership that it takes to effectively prosecute and make tough choices in the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. I know Tim and can attest to his passion for justice, work ethic and love for Lynchburg. Tim is the best choice for Lynchburg."

Griffin is currently the only candidate to formally announce his intention to run. His website may be seen at www.GriffinForLynchburg.com.


Former Lynchburg City Councilman H. Cary Endorses Griffin for Commonwealth's Attorney

Lynchburg, VA - Today former Lynchburg City Councilman Hunsdon "H" Cary publicly announced his support for Tim Griffin for Commonwealth's Attorney of Lynchburg.  

"H" served on Lynchburg City Council from 2010-2014. During that time, he worked on a wide spectrum of local issues including education, crime, park safety and government efficiency. Mr. Cary served as Westminster Canterbury (WC) President & CEO for over 33 years - WC was the 13th retirement community to gain national accreditation.

On Tuesday, Cary announced his support of Griffin by saying:

"Tim Griffin has a deep passion for Lynchburg and the issues it faces. His vision for lowering crime rates throughout the City will make Lynchburg a better place to live, work, & play. He has my support and endorsement and would lead the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office with capable and experienced hands."

Griffin is currently the only candidate to formally announce his intention to run. His website may be seen at www.GriffinforLynchburg.com.


Virginia Congressman Tom Garrett Throws Support Behind Griffin in Lynchburg Race for Commonwealth's Attorney

1 Senate Garrett.jpg

Lynchburg, VA - Today former Lynchburg-area State Senator and current Virginia 5th District Congressman Tom Garrett stepped forward to support Tim Griffin’s bid for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Congressman Garrett served as the elected Commonwealth’s Attorney in Louisa County before being elected to serve Virginia’s 22nd Senatorial District in the Virginia General Assembly, which includes much of Lynchburg. In November of 2016, Garrett won a landslide election to represent Virginia’s 5th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

On Thursday, Garrett expressed his support of Griffin by saying:

“Over the years, I have watched Tim work hard to elect principled representatives at every level of government. The countless hours Tim spent helping my Congressional campaign in 2016 afforded me the opportunity to hear his vision for Lynchburg firsthand. With that being said, I have full confidence in his ability to represent the people well and uphold the laws and Constitutional principles of our great Commonwealth.”

Griffin is currently the only candidate to formally announce his intention to run. His website may be seen at www.GriffinForLynchburg.com.




Lynchburg, VA – Today former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode endorsed Tim Griffin in the Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney race.

Former Rep. Goode served in the Virginia General Assembly as a State Senator and subsequently in the U.S. House of Representatives. He went on to accept the nomination for the Constitution Party in the 2012 Presidential election.

In 2016, Goode spent the year campaigning on behalf of the Republican Party throughout Virginia.

In an emailed statement, Goode outlined his support of Griffin by saying:

“It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Tim Griffin for Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney. Over the course of the past year, I have spent time with Tim on the campaign trail and share his passion for keeping local communities safe while upholding Virginia values. I know that his decision to run did not come lightly but I am convinced of his call to service in representing the people of Lynchburg.”

Griffin is currently the only candidate to formally announce his intention to run. His website may be seen at www.GriffinforLynchburg.com.



LYNCHBURG, VA – Today Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Doucette announced he will not seek re-election after serving the past 11 years as an elected prosecutor.

For months, Bedford County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney and lifelong Lynchburg resident Tim Griffin has been setting the stage to challenge the status quo in the Commonwealth’s Attorney office by bringing his experience as a prosecutor to Lynchburg.

Upon hearing news of Doucette’s decision not to run for re-election, Griffin released the following statement:

“The prosecutor stands in the gap between the oppressor and the oppressed. I have chosen to seek the role of Commonwealth’s Attorney so that I can take the fight to criminals in my hometown of Lynchburg. This city needs a strong, elected prosecutor to stand up against the city’s stagnant crime rates.” 

Currently, Griffin serves as Chairman of the Lynchburg Social Services Advisory Board after an appointment by Lynchburg City Council. He has also worked heavily on behalf of the local Republican Party serving as both Vice-Chairman of the local unit and as Chairman of the 23rd GOP District represented by Delegate Scott Garrett. He is a member of the Lynchburg Morning Rotary Club and a member of Brentwood Church.