Lynchburg GOP Refutes Harrison’s False Claims

LYNCHBURG, VA – Last week, Republican front runner for Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Tim Griffin officially announced he is attending the Lynchburg Republican City Committee’s (LRCC) Debate. His opponent Beth Harrison, in contrast, continues to dodge the debate.
After facing public scrutiny over her refusal to debate, Harrison doubled down by sending out a statement yesterday afternoon specifically charging the LRCC Chairman of ‘organizing this debate without consultation from her campaign about her availability.' 
In response, the LRCC issued a release late Thursday evening with screenshots of their repeated attempts to contact Harrison’s campaign with multiple opportunities to find common ground. These now-public messages show a clear contrast from what Mrs. Harrison was claiming and the actual truth. 
Even more confusing was that her release stated she ‘welcomed any opportunity to discuss her values and vision,’ while simultaneously refusing to attend a scheduled Republican Debate.  

In response, Tim Griffin issued the following statement:

“I was extremely surprised to see my opponent stoop so low as to knowingly mislead voters about not only myself, but the Lynchburg Republican City Committee – who proved her claims to be 100% false. My opponent was offered numerous dates, as was I, and as such I do not understand why she is attempting to say otherwise. If she truly welcomed ‘any opportunity’ to discuss the issues as she said, I anticipate her participation next week. Regardless, I look forward to meeting with voters on Monday evening to discuss the issues with the voters of Lynchburg."

Local media outlets are also rumoring that more information discrediting Harrison’s false claims will be released within days.

Please join Tim Griffin for the debate on May 1st at 7:00 PM at New Covenant School on Fleetwood Drive in Lynchburg.