Tim Showed Up

We had a great debate on Monday. Thank you to everyone who came out, despite the weather, to show support! I wanted to make sure you saw this article outlining our successful debate. Our message of cracking down on gangs and cleaning up Lynchburg is resonating all across the city. I stand by what I said at the debate, I will clean up Lynchburg and I will crush the gangs. As the article quotes:

“I’m going to come to Lynchburg and crush the gangs, and I’m not going to apologize for it,” Griffin said. “We will do this with no half measures and go after them like no prosecutor has gone after them before.”

I enjoyed having a discussion with like minded Republican voters and everyday citizens. There was no place I would have rather been on Monday than discussing important issues with you. Unfortunately, our democratic funded opponent thought it was more important to attend a fundraiser than to speak directly to the citizens of Lynchburg and fellow Republicans. I understand that Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney is a job that requires me to show up everyday. I promise that as Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney, I will show up everyday and fight for you!
Thank you for the continual support!
Tim Griffin

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