Harrison: Endorsed by Democrats. Funded by Democrats - She Said So Herself


I have always promised that I will fight for Lynchburg and our shared conservative vision for our city. I’m in this race not only to clean up Lynchburg, but to promote our conservative Republican ideals for local government. Advancing conservatism is something I’m extremely passionate about and have spent my entire adult life doing. This week my opponent finally admitted what we, conservatives, have known all along. She is supported by members of the Democratic Party. She said so herself. 

Earlier this week, Bethany Harrison proudly proclaimed that she is endorsed by Democrats. That’s right. In a radio interview, she stated that “a Democrat has endorsed me” and “that Democrat has been my boss for the last ten years". Not only that, FEC reports have recently shown that over 30 percent of her campaign contributions have been from liberal Democrats. How can Republicans trust Bethany Harrison to defend our conservative ideology, when she is openly praising endorsements and accepting money from Liberal Democrats? It now makes sense why she avoided the Republican Debate and has yet to join the local Republican party.  It is now clear that Bethany Harrison is endorsed by Democrats and funded by Democrats. 

Please stand with me in these final weeks as we fight for Lynchburg and our shared Conservative values. 

In Liberty,
Tim Griffin

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